Can I Really Use a Mac?

2005-03-10 23:44 - Rants

Things are going well, or going poorly, so far. OS X does a lot of nifty things. Its "normal" keys for doing simple things like moving the cursor are so amazingly foreign to me that it gets frustrating quick. They even break the keys that work everywhere else on the world inside regular terminals.

But absolutely worst of all, Firefox almost completely doesn't work on the mac. Alright, perhaps that's a hyperbole. But, Firefox on the mac doesn't/can't:

When a file is selected, CMD-Down opens it. Enter, stupidly enough, opens a rename dialog. I, at least, open files WAY more than I rename files. Opening should be one button, renaming two. (Or, both one button like sensible operating systems.) Home and end, for who knows what reason, move the display of the current document to the absolute top and bottom. But not the cursor! Again, it takes a modifier to do it: CMD-Up.

There's no way to open the menu bar with the keyboard. Mouse wheel scrolling has this nearly impossible to control accelleration. Finder likes to forget how I told it to display files. I can't (yet, at least) mount samba shares.

Icky. I hope I manage to resolve some of this, somehow.


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