Damn neighbor!

2004-12-05 10:57 - Rants

I have a new downstairs neighbor. He has a fancy stereo. He likes it a lot.

This morning at 10am, while I was very gradually waking up, he decided it was time to play his stereo. So loud that I could feel the vibrations running up through my bed, and I could very clearly understand the words playing on the song. This is not a rare occurrance. Likely 5 days of a week I get to experience someone else's music, and I cannot say I enjoy it. And there's almost nothing I can do about it.

Everything out there says you're supposed to talk to the noisy neighbor first, to get things worked out. But this is clearly not a kind, rational person. It doesn't seem like the best idea to me to go searching out the person that clearly has no regard for other people's well being and try to tell them that they're annoying and need to stop playing the music so loud. So maybe I should go through my landlord?

Well, I have almost no idea who my landlord is. Seen the guy in the area maybe 6 times over 15 months. Back when my lease was about to expire, I wrote him a letter. Never got any kind of response.

I've read the applicable laws and I have little hope that things will get any better. At this point, I'll probably have to write a (certified!) letter to my landlord. I'll probably have to write a second threatining to withhold rent. And I'll probably have to buy a decibel meter to get a little evidence behind me.

This guy has literally rattled the dishes in my kitchen with his noise, and I won't stand for it!


You never know....
2004-12-06 15:02 - Lieuallen
You might want to try talking to your neighbor. My neighbor has three dogs that are outside barking ALL the time. How can they stand it? I can't. I finally mentioned it, and they were (they claim) entirely unaware that anyone would be bothered? How dense can you be?! So, perhaps your neighbor is just too stupid to realize that not everyone shares his/her taste.

On the other hand, after one weekend of peace (they kept the dogs inside most of the time), things are back to normal. Maybe I'll just move! :-)
i know the feeling
2012-05-02 01:04 - Melinda1916

my neighbor, has 2 dogs and a new born, and the dog barks at everything after a long battle with them and my mother pulling the sweet neighbor lady they finally shut the dog up, so just talk to them but be nice about it if you make them mad it will only make it worse.

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