Girly tissues

2005-01-23 16:35 - Rants

It's been quite a while since a decent rant around here. So here's a big one. Kleenex people: What's up with all the flowery boxes?

It's actually quite a challenge to buy a box of Kleenex and NOT get something covered in an effeminate collage of flowers. Earth to Kleenex: 50% of the world's population is male, and the vast majority of those males do NOT want flowers on their tissues. For that matter, there are some women who would prefer no flowers too! While technically you can get Kleenex with no flowers, like I said it's very tough. Usually you have to choose the kind you want (2 ply, 3 ply, aloe, anti bacterial????) OR the kind with no flowers. Then, there's the other brands. The generics, the Scotties. They're smart about this, they make nice generic boxes. But the tissues aren't as good. For something I buy as often as a box of tissues (not so often, maybe 5-10 a year tops), an extra quarter on top of two dollars is small price for the quality of Kleenex.

But then I have to display flowers all over my apartment! Argh!


"Girly" Tissues
2005-01-24 17:00 - tegs
It sounds like you are not comfortable with your feminie side. I think this stems from the oepidus complex relationship with your mother.

Additionally, there are generic, non-flowerly Kleenex boxes out there. Something to the effect of really boring wall-paper.

As Always,
~ T

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