I hate eBay feedback retaliation!

2004-10-15 09:39 - Rants

Alright, for all intents and purposes, I have a perfect eBay feedback rating. I have 116 positive and two negative. Both negative feedbacks are retaliations from bum sellers that I left negative feedback for. Their negative feedback is unfounded. The first one's entire feedback was ".". Yes, he left me a single period. He didn't have anything bad to say, he just wanted to get back.

Well, it's happened again. In short, I bought a relatively good laptop, except it had problems, and did not nearly meet the description. He never shipped it. Five days after I paid, I asked for a tracking number and .... Well, just read that link, it's all there.

Update: There's been a mutual feedback removal. Even though there was one part where I just read the description wrong, I thought some things were still deceptive and I still had a hard time believing this guy was honest, but the last status so far is that he's looking into getting UPS insurance filled out as he claims the main problem (damaged screen) happened during shipping.


ebay feedback
2005-08-06 11:59 - charles19
Sellers have an overwhelming advantage. I bought a bunch of dvd's they were shipped to the wrong addres, seller failed to respond for along time then denied, refused arbitration. When I finally (after a month of waiting for him to respond) left neg feedback, he immediately did the same. He has 2200 items, i have 12, do the math! No wonder all these big sellers have such high scores..they intimidate.
2005-12-10 23:22 - nova1venus
sellers do have a riduculously easy time of it. my beef is more with paypal (owned by ebay). denied my claim that a table i bought was misrepresented, then gave me the link to "Tips on How to Avoid Fraudulent Sellers".......
Ebay feedback retaliation
2006-02-07 17:38 - kir1999
How about question retaliation? I wrote a seller to ask her a simple question what condition is the item in and she wrote me back. It was acceptable according to her answer so I bid on it. I looked to see when the auction ended if I was and no bids were on it. I wrote the seller to ask her why she took my bid off. I also have two retaliation feedbacks and I addressed that issue. I just said that I had learned a lot from those experiences. She wrote me back stating that "I didn't use the word please" when I wrote her and I wasn't to write her again OR she would tell E-bay I was harrassing her. I don't think that she needs to go around telling people that she is being harrassed by someone when all I did was ask her a question. That seller is *sew*what*. Ebay would probably believe it. Everything with them is all about the seller.
Only leave it in response to receiving it!
2006-07-17 04:44 - Nate_Frog

I use the service here to leave my feedback for me automatically, as soon as a i'm left a feedback comment the website replied to it randomly using one of my comments i have stored:


It helps prevent against feedback retaliation, which is good but then if everyone on eBay used it there would be no one every leaving feedback cause no one would do it first.

Hold your tongues
2006-07-20 12:07 - arantius

People, this post is about feedback retaliation, not eBay. This is not your private forum for ranting about eBay's rules, or the trouble you had with particular sellers or anything else. Feel free to comment, if you have something about eBay feedback to say. Otherwise I'm going to delete it.

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