Overlitigious Society

2006-02-12 14:28 - Rants

Society sucks. There's a heck of a lot of things around us that are, really, quite pathetic. One of them is the generally litigious nature of the public at large. No individual ever has responsibility for their own actions, there always seems to be someone with deep pockets to sue, and a way to claim it's their fault. This makes a lot of crazy things happen.


What you see above is the wrapper for a (quite tasty!) chocolate that I got somewhere around christmas. They were small bars, around the shape and size of a single Twix candy. The blue bar in the middle sat across the top of the bar, proudly proclaiming "Luxury mini chocolate" and to each side: "hazelnut snack sticks" and "hazelnut and crisps." Oh, and then on each side is a description: "Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts, corn flaes, and rice crisps in a creme filling."

Yes, the wrapper says in four places that the thing has hazelnuts in it. But wary be the company without disclaimers, lest the litigious seek you out! They have to say in all caps, in a very high contrast color: "WARNING: MAY CONTAIN NUT TRACES.."

May contain nut traces? It's a hazelnut based candy, of course it's got nuts in it!


Too safe??
2006-02-13 10:03 - Aceofspades968
Ok so you are trying to say that this company is being to safe??? Just because it says things like "hazelnut snack stick" or "Hazelnut and crisps" doesn't mean it has the nut in it. It could just have the flavor in it. To me this rant is just something to talk about. Nothing can be too safe.
Warning: This contains warning messages!
2006-02-13 10:09 - arantius

You say "nothing can be too safe." Really? So, perhaps, on all pianos manufactured from now on, we should place a clearly visible label that says:

"Warning: harmful or fatal if swallowed."

After all, nothing can be too safe! Nobody should ever have to think for themselves, they should always be warned by someone else!

2006-02-14 10:33 - Aceofspades968
Pianos have nothing to do with this what i am saying is that the label could have ment artifical flavoring there is nothing that says that. All it is saying is that it is reall nuts. and as far as this (After all, nothing can be too safe! Nobody should ever have to think for themselves, they should always be warned by someone else!) not all people can, not all people have common sence, and people are stupid and sue companys for there problems when they don't read intructions or think, it is just a way of the companys protecting themselves. personaly i think this is a horrible rant because it is a pointless issue

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