Rebate: Screwed

2006-05-01 22:01 - Rants

A while back, I found the Logitech MX610 cordless laser mouse at a sweet price ... after rebate. It's got its quirks; most notably, the cool lights for email and IMs work ONLY with outlook and MSN messenger. Blech! But it's still a very nice mouse overall, and the battery usage is great, especially with it knowing when to turn itself off. I even bought a second one at work.

So, like a good little consumer, I filled out the rebate form (notice how that's coming from .. it's certainly not faked) and chopped up my box to get the UPC and stuffed it all in an envelope.

Four to six weeks later, I get this quaint little postcard telling me that the rebate was rejected! And look at that reason they used: The reciept you submitted was dated prior to the qualifying period for this promotion.

Well if that don't just take the cake! I actually had no reciept, just a packing slip (weird .. why no reciept?) which is clearly dated March 10th. And take note that the tracking number listed on that slip says it was shipped on the 10th, and arrived on the 14th. So go click on that rebate form link, what's it say? March 6th to March 26th. What crazy world do these rebate people live in, that March 10th comes before March 6th? ACK!


2006-05-03 17:54 - developer


I think they make the rebate procedure difficult in order to discorage people from makin the effort to go through the process. But if you enjoy the mouse and you think it's still a good value without the rebate, then there's nothing lost. Personally, I believe companies cause more harm to their images by requiring complex rebate forms, but what I do know? It must work, or they wouldn't do it. By the way, I came across a rechargeable wireless mouse (not a laser mouse) at Big Lots for $15. It seems to work fine. Maybe you can explain the difference between a regular wireless mouse and a laser mouse.

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