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2006-02-23 14:40 - Rants

So, I went online to do my taxes as I usually do after I got all the papers I needed to do so. I ended up owing many thousands of dollars, eek! Due to a peculiarity that had me owing more to state than federal, I was convinced something just wasn't being tallied up right, and decided to go to a "real tax professional" and see if I could end up with better numbers on my returns.

I went in to H&R Block, cause a new store opend up right by my apartment just a few months ago, and they are all about showing off their guarantees in their ads, so it must be safe eh? Well, the lady that was "helping" (I use that word loosely) me didn't have a clue. First thing I asked for was an estimate. She looked at my papers, walked to the other side of the office to talk to the other, unoccupied, lady, and came back with the answer: $130 to prepare my taxes. A bit steep, but I had a $50 competitor's coupon that they honored (as the big sign in their window said they would), after some confusion there.

So, the lady clickety-clacks on her computer ... slowly. And, from how much she goes in and out of various fields with a confused look on her face, and how often she tromps back across the office to ask for help, it's clear she has no idea what she's doing. But she finishes off with numbers about $1,100 less than what I got myself, so overall I've saved money and that's good.

But the price isn't $130, it's $170. Bah, that's a lot of money to expect for how little she did, but what other choice do I have, so I agree. This was on Sunday, Monday I was off for presidents day, and on Tuesday I have messages on my phone at work. She screwed up. (Note my lack of surprise.) I owe more taxes, a couple hundred dollars worth. Plus they are going to charge me $70 more preparation fees!

I show up in their office on the way home from work, and long story short, I say I'm not paying them for the privilege of higher taxes. I tell them to cancel the charges on my credit card, and walk out explaining that they have my number if there's a problem.

Next day, the manager (who had to be called on both my visits, didn't ever seem to be there) gave me a call. Offered me the correct returns at no extra charge. Still a pathetic hassle, but at least I've obviously learned how to be an angry consumer!


2006-02-25 22:56 - arantius

Apparently, screwing up taxes is business as usual for H&R Block.

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