TelePacket SUCKS!

2006-05-22 15:03 - Rants

So, I mentioned a while back how I found this cheap IP phone provider and decided to use them. I don't use the phone much, so I don't care if it's a little cheap, and perhaps unavailable now and again.

But, TelePacket's service is simply abominable! I've been monitorning their service, with nagios. It's been up for 63 days and 9 hours since I started monitoring. And down for 19 days and 13 hours. That's over 23% downtime! Absolutely pathetic, and though they have plenty of short jitters and breaks, they've also had two instances that lasted over a week, one literally 8 days and 20 hours long, this most recent which I am currently experiencing over 7 days long, with a few bits of uptime, once for almost four minutes.

Worse yet, they seem to regularly be charging me twice the rate printed in big colorful letters all over their pages; overcharging for service not even provided. And to top it all off, all their email addresses bounce, and their phone lines (if they even get 'em to work for themselves) are all busy. I can't even contact them to get them to quit charging my credit card.

Long story short: stay far far away from TelePacket! They don't have a clue what they're doing!

(I've finally stopped using the service, by virtue of losing the credit card that they were billing on.)


And even when it's green...
2006-06-26 09:56 - arantius

The charts above are a "best case" scenario. This is when I (my machine at home) am able to connect to their service. Even then, it doesn't always work. Right now, I can call out from home, but incoming calls get the local phone company's voice, "I'm sorry but we're not able to ...". Blech.

Still down
2006-07-11 11:07 - arantius

Even though the graph shows green, TelePacket is still down. Since I first wrote this post, I have never been able to receive an incoming call. Last night, I was playing with my SIP settings (an obscure one had to change, to make outgoing calls work, in the past) to see if it was possibly on my end. Long story short, I ended up erasing my SIP password. "No problem," I think. It's available right in the web control panel for my account, I'll log in and get it. Nope! The web site loads, but if you click submit to log on there (try it, even with an empty username), it never connects! It takes a long time, but the connection just dies. But, I still can't contact them, in any way, to close the account. Argh!

Gone for Good
2006-09-01 22:44 - arantius

It would seem they're finally gone. I'm not bothering to monitor them anymore, thus the graphs will stop updating as of now.

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