The Worst Kind of Rain

2004-08-17 16:19 - Rants

Well, the eastern US has recently suffered the wrath of a hurricane (or two? I wasn't following closely). Some got the direct effects, some like me got really rainy weather. It's still supposed to rain some more even though it's been nice for a few days.

In any case, I was walking to the subway station the other day, and it was in the absolute worst kind of rain. This is the rain that comes rather light, along with very gusty winds in random directions. The rain is there, it's falling, but it's light. Then with the wind, it's almost impossible to use an umbrella, it gets tossed and turned by the wind. So what do you do? It's a lose lose situation. The rain is light, so go without the umbrella. But then you're getting rained on. It's just enough to get you wet. So put up the umbrella. It nearly gets ripped from your hands. Argh!


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