Unscheduled Water Effects Installation

2006-09-14 15:40 - Rants

I was planning to head home to visit my Mom this year for Labor day. It got screwed up because that Friday morning, I discovered a stream of water coming down from the ceiling in my bathroom. As I stood up on the edge of the tub to get closer, I saw an odd discoloration on the ceiling. I poked it, and my finger shot straight through the layers of paint that were sagging off of the ceiling, and holding in a surprising amount of water. Thank goodness it was over the tub, a gallon or two must have eventually poured out. And it didn't stop. Nobody answered the doorbell, either upstairs or at the super's.

I delayed the trip home to get a chance to talk to someone about it that evening. Still, nobody answered at the super's apartment. It was still dripping when I got home. I gave up and just arranged to head out the next day. By midnight, it had stopped dripping. The super finally got the message I had left, and showed up Saturday morning. He walked around checking, and reported that the tenant two stories above me had an overflow. Blech.

Since then, it's happened again and again. In a much more controlled flow, now that it has a convenient hole to pour out of. After a few times, the super decided that it is my immediate upstairs neighbors, now. Made me leave my key with him when I went to work yesterday, because he was going to call a plumber. The landlord has a key but he isn't here (he seems to never be here...), so he needs mine. I was told the plumber filled up the tub upstairs, didn't see any dripping, and thus concluded that the people upstairs are just letting water out past the edge of their shower curtain.

Somehow i'm disinclined to agree. My lease is up at the end of the month, and for these reasons and more, I'm hoping to not renew.


Good luck!
2006-09-14 19:38 - RavenMind

That sucks Anthony! Moving is always such a headache I think most "good" tenants are inclined to put up with more than they should. But it sounds like you should definitely get out of there. There's a reason water is the number one cause of damage, and why renter's insurance is a must!!

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